About Me

Hi! I'm Gillian; wife, mother, photographer to name a few! I have always loved photography - eagerly waiting my photos being developed as a teenager was the highlight of any event.  My passion was really compounded when I became a mother, firstly to my fur babies and then my beautiful children.  Taking images every day, finding my style until I realised that I could use my passion to create a job that would never really feel like work - that's the dream is it not?!

I love to keep my work diverse, I am all about natural/candid style images and currently work on a range of very different projects from family sessions to marketing images for websites. I also have a love for creating with my images using barrel lids and staves to produce unique ways to display my photos.  

My aim in any shoot is to capture the atmosphere and personality.  

If you like my style of photography I would love to be involved, drop me a message or give me a call!

Contact Me

Telephone - 07921679801

Email -  gilliangoode@live.co.uk

Facebook - Goode Photography

Instagram - goode_fotos

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